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Here are some of the ways we can support you

What we offerBenefits
1 to 1 child led mentoring/coaching tailored to the individual, to include but not limited to: Art expression, music expression, mood boards, journalling, verbal, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation.
  • Safe space to freely express emotions
  • Builds confidence
Small age related group sessions, to include but not limited to, verbal, art and music expression, group work, story telling, self awareness, confidence building.
  • Opportunity to engage with others that have similar experiences
  • Minimise the feeling of being isolated
  • Builds confidence
Parent drop in. Free service
  • Self care
  • Time to offload and reflect
  • Adult interaction
  • Support with work or education
  • Rest and recovery
Workshop programme
  • Educating peers and professionals on the meaning and impact of grief, loss and trauma
  • Explore creative expression
  • Educates on the impact professionals have on vulnerable children and families
  • Tools on how to handle emotions
  • Educates how to use a therapeutic approach
  • Signposting information if in need or in a crisis
Practical support personalised to each family’s situation, it can include daily or weekly meals, assisting with general home duties, walk buddy.
  • Reduces the load – short or longer term
Advocate service
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Reduces avoidance
Fun day. Last sat of the month, to include but not limited to, coffee mornings, forest walks, day trips, outings
  • Opportunity for families to come together
  • Build long lasting friendships
  • Engage with others going on a similar journey
  • Reduces isolation
  • Build a community
Safe Space – grief, loss and trauma support in Watford Asda, South West Herts

Our Parent drop-in Safe Space sessions at Asda Watford are free.

Please contact us about prices for our other services.

Mentoring packages coming soon, Workshop programmes coming soon.

Examples of some of the issues we can address

• Acknowledging and expressing emotions
• Coping mechanisms
• Healthy and unhealthy attachment styles
• Destructive behaviours
• Self-awareness, self-love and confidence
• Trauma responses
• Trauma bonds
• Personal goal setting
• The power of detachment
• Identifying and breaking patterns
• Generational trauma and breaking cycles
• Building a positive mindset
• Claiming your power and getting your voice back.

Here are some of the ways T Smiles Foundation, Watford can support you

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